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Bias Tees - Broadband

Aeroflex / Inmet Bias Tees - Broadband

Bias Tees - Broadband

API Technologies' Inmet bias tees combine quality and performance in a standard three-port network specific for broadband applications. Inmet bias tees are manufactured for maximum performance and minimal disruption.


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Available Broadband Bias Tees

SMA - Broadband Bias Tees
Product Data Sheets
Current Volt Get Quote Body Style
8810SMF1-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V 8810S Bias Tees Broadband
8810SMF2-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SMF3-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SFF1-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SFF2-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SFF3-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SMF1-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SMF2-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SMF3-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SFF1-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SFF2-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SFF3-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SMF1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SMF2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SMF3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SFF1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SFF2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SFF3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SMM1-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V 8810S Bias Tees Broadband
8810SMM2-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SMM3-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SFM1-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SFM2-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SFM3-12 50kHz-12.4 750mA 25V
8810SMM1-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SMM2-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SMM3-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SFM1-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SFM2-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SFM3-18 50kHz-18 750mA 25V
8810SMM1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SMM2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SMM3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SFM1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SFM2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810SFM3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
2.9mm Broadband Bias Tees
Product Data Sheets
Current Volt Get Quote Body Style
8810KMF1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V 8810S
8810KMF2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KMF3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KFF1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KFF2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KFF3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KMF1-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KMF2-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KMF3-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KFF1-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KFF2-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KFF3-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
2.9mm Broadband Bias Tees
Product Data Sheets
Current Volt Get Quote Body Style
8810KMM1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V 8810S
8810KMM2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KMM3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KFM1-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KFM2-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KFM3-26 50kHz-26.5 750mA 25V
8810KMM1-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KMM2-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KMM3-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KFM1-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KFM2-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8810KFM3-40 50kHz-40 150mA 25V
8812KMF1-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V 8810S
8812KMF2-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KMF3-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KFF1-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KFF2-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KFF3-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KMF1-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KMF2-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KMF3-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KFF1-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KFF2-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KFF3-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KMM1-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V 8810S
8812KMM2-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KMM3-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KFM1-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KFM2-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KFM3-26 12kHz-26.5 150mA 16V
8812KMM1-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KMM2-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KMM3-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KFM1-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KFM2-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
8812KFM3-40 12kHz-40 150mA 16V
2.4mm Broadband Bias Tees
Product Data Sheets
Current Volt Get Quote Body Style
8810EFF1-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V 8810S
8810EFF2-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EFF3-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EMF1-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EMF2-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EMF3-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EFM1-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V 8810S
8810EFM2-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EFM3-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EMM1-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EMM2-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V
8810EMM3-50 50kHz-50 150mA 25V